In 1994, Adrian Doura began a new work about landscape. This new direction was an answer to his decision to move and live in Marseilles. Fascinated by the light, its reliefs and the singularity of the clouds, this new panorama seemed to him immediately familiar.

Born in Buenos Aires, he traveled in his childhood, through the expanses of Patagonian and Brazilian coasts:

"The abrupt chromatic transition of sunsets, the strength of natural elements, the assertion of immensity, reveals to me an archaic part of my being.
In the dialogue exchanged with landscape, a state of fullness invades me.
I transcribe this wonderful moment. "

The surface of water and earth, the horizon and the sky are the recurring motifs.
There is no evidence to precisely estimate the scale. The viewpoint seems sometimes dizzying. Gaze is absorbed by different fields’ depths.

Natural events occurring are linked by various and different speeds, the impossible task of total unveiling, where absolute is willing to appear. Time stopped by the icon, this resemblance which acts as a mirror, is not only there to represent a precise moment of space but also to evoke its evolution.

“Painting captures my emotional responses to the spectacle of the world.”

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